Working from home as a small business owner or a freelancer can be pretty lonely with no colleagues to bounce ideas off, or learn from.  That’s why I feel it is important to find opportunities to collaborate and learn from other women.

More Than A Mutha events will be all about connecting you with like-minded local women in business. We will be bringing you an event similar to something you’d usually find in the big cities so, if you are put off by traditional networking events,  this is the place for you!

A relaxed space where you can meet other local female business owners and freelancers over a glass of wine or a G&T, with the chance to hear from some carefully selected local business women who will be sharing their business secrets & advice with you.

I hope these events will offer you a chance to build relationships with other women in business so you no longer feel you are missing out on the social side of working in a traditional, office based, role.

Come to the launch


Join us at Brunswick & Thorn on 19th September 7pm – 9.30pm where we will be joined by some really inspiring women who will be sharing their business tips!

Full details & tickets here

Our launch event is sponsored by Bubble Baby Sitting app, who are kindly giving all attendees a gift card to use their app!