Laura & William MooreHI, I’M LAURA!

I created More Than A Mutha as a place to celebrate all the things that women are, on top of being amazing mothers and to offer help and advice to help mums in business.

I am a social media manager & Digital Mum.  I love the way social media means than anyone now has access to a (mostly) free marketing tool which can allow them to grow their business and provide for their family.  I have used social media for many years to grow a successful cake decorating school and as a fundraising tool when I needed to raise over £20,000 to adapt our house for my disabled son.

After many years using social media for my own business, and helping friends use it for their small businesses, I realised it made sense to turn my passion into a business and help other women to use it to grow their businesses.

I now work with female business owners to grow their business using social media by offering full social media management services and  1:1 / group training.

If you are looking for help to make your social media work harder for your small business please get in touch, I would love to help you.

More Than A Mutha

The #MoreThanAMutha interview series features incredible mums who are also more than just mothers (as if being a mum is anything to say ‘just’ about but you know where I’m coming from).  These women are opening up and sharing the struggles they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them.  They are sharing tips and inspiring others to take the leap to achieve whatever they put their minds to.

If you would like to share your story, please get in touch or click here to download the interview pack.